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JavaScript is flexible and powerful. However, it can be tricky sometimes. While JavaScript is constantly evolving and bringing new challenges, we also encounter similar problems repeatedly in daily work.

In this article, we will discuss 6 tricks that can help you to write clean and maintainable JavaScript code.

1. Execute Multiple Asynchronous Promises Simultaneously Or Sequentially

JavaScript is…

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TypeScript is about types. It’s a strongly typed language with powerful compile-time type-checking. At the same time, its static typing is optional, so it’s compatible with JavaScript.

I’ve been working with TypeScript for more than three years. I’ve learned a lot during this journey, but I still have the nice…

In this article, I will talk about how to use the Decorator pattern to consume REST API in Angular.

HttpClient Service

Consuming REST API data using HttpClient in Angular is the most common way of connecting an Angular App to the back end services. HttpClient Service handles the JSON data parsing under…

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I live in Queensland, Australia. The COVID-19 virus is spreading quickly across the sunshine state, and everybody is worried.

The idea for this website surfaced when I tried searching for Covid stats for my suburb. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find this data easily. Thus, I decided to build a website myself.

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Reactivity is an essential feature for every modern JavaScript framework, and Vue.js is no different. But what does reactivity really mean? There are lots of different answers. Many of them are overly complex and confusing.

Let me try to give a simple explanation.

Reactivity is the ability to make your…

Image of, cucumber, and typescript

I started my first Cypress and Cucumber project around two years ago. At that time, Cypress version 3 didn’t come with built-in support for TypeScript. The project was coded with JavaScript instead of TypeScript. That was a costly decision. As the project grew, more tests were added and more developers…

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