Everything you want to know about the Record utility type

The word “Bold” in a book
The word “Bold” in a book
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HttpClient Service

constructor(private http: HttpClient) {}getAllTodos(): Observable<TodoModel[]> {
return this.http.get<TodoModel[]>(this.url);

The original code

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  • Single source of truth
  • Unidirectional data flow
  • Immutable state at the component level

How to detect and avoid them — or survive inside them

Empty meetings
Empty meetings
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Avoid the magic string, and make your app maintainable and strongly typed

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Use Class with static properties

What I’ve learned from using TypeScript’s typing system

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A comparison between contract and permanent jobs based on my personal experience

Man kayaking
Man kayaking
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  • Working as…

They have common traits that make them stand out

deer in a misty field
deer in a misty field
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What is infer keyword? What are the use cases?

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Sunny Sun

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